What is there to say…

What is there to say…

Still sick…


Everyday of me being sick is worse than the last.

I am utterly bed-ridden and thankful that the worst of it all didn’t happen during the two shows.

I’ve never been as incapacitated by a sickness like this before in my life.

The only good thing that has come of this is Gabi coming over and taking care of me. :/

Much sleep and tender loving care - you’ll be well before you know it! :)

When you start doing your homework at the last minute

When you finally get home after a long and tiring school day

When the internet goes out during class

When you’re taking notes and you think the teacher finished their sentence, but then continues it

When the teacher starts asking questions

When you get a C on your maths test

When you have so much to do that you just don’t give a shit anymore

Going to class on Monday morning

When you find out there was homework for today

Lunch break in our class teacher’s classroom

When a teacher goes on a lecture on how horrible students you are

When you’re talking during class and the teacher says your name